2/29/2024 5:04:54 AM

Vietnam Institute of Economics (VIE) was established in February 6th, 1960 by the Decision 037-TTg of the Government under the name Institute of Economic Studies. In January 15th, 2004, the name of the institute was changed from Institute of Economic Studies to Vietnam Institute of Economics by the Decree no.26/2004/NĐ - CP of the Government.

The fundamental functions of the Institute are to do research on theoretical issues and the practice of Vietnam economy’s changes in the relationship with the globalization, regionalization and international economic integration; to provide scientific evidences which have  been using for Communist Party and State to make policies, strategies related to economic and social development; to organize and have training courses on economy for post – graduate level; and, to participate and develop the human resources on economic and sciences studies of the country.   

Over the past 50 years, Vietnam Institute of Economics’ staff always work hard to overcome all challenges and difficulties in the progress of doing research on fundamental issues of theory and practice of Vietnamese and global economy. It is the foundation of providing evidences for making plans, strategies and policies of Communist Party and State.  Also, Institute has made big contribution to the development of Vietnam’s sciences and economy through training and educating many prestigious scientists  as well as spread the basic knowledge of this faculty through publishing the research works in journal and other media products.