The Division of Macroeconomics and Economic Institutions

5/21/2024 2:36:12 PM

The Division Macroeconomics and Economic Institutions focuses on macroeconomic issues and the roles of the state and markets in the management and administration of the market economy. The division also performs research on international experiences and domestic practices of macroeconomic management, provides policy recommendations for the improvement of management capacity at the macro level, and is allowed to publish and exchange research results in accordance with the Institute’s regulations. The division has to develop and submit to the ISAP its plans for research orientations as well as research proposals, and to combine research tasks with training and capacity building for the staff of the division.


1. Mr. Pham Sy An, PhD –Head - in - charge of the Division;

2. Ms. Tran Thi Kim Chi

3. Mr. Pham Thanh Cong

4. Mr. Chu Minh Hoi

5. Mr. Nguyen Vo Khanh Viet 

6. Ms. Bui Thu Trang

7. Mr. Vu Quoc Huy

8. Mr. Ly Dai Hung