The Division of International Economic Relations

6/17/2024 11:20:03 AM

The Division of International Economic Relations focuses on Vietnam’s economic relations with other countries, and to study international economic integration issues, international experiences in economic reforms with concentration on countries in neighbor and with economic similarities. It is to suggest solutions and policies for the economic development of the country. The division is allowed to publish and exchange research results in accordance with the Institute’s regulations, and develop and submit to the ISAP its plans for research orientations as well as research proposals, and to combine research tasks with training and capacity building for the staff of the division.


1. Ms. Pham Bich Ngoc, PhD – Head of the Division

2. Mr. Vu Hoang Linh

3. Ms. Bui Thi Hong Ngoc

4. Ms. Tran Thi Mai Thanh

5. Ms. Dong Bich Ngoc