9/7/2022 4:45:24 PM

On the afternoon of June 13, 2022, the Vietnam Economic Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade held a workshop with the theme "Solutions to support enterprises to save energy in industrial production". The conference aims to share information, propose solutions to help businesses use energy more economically and efficiently, towards sustainable development of the energy industry.

Attending the Conference, on the guest side, there were MSc. Le Xuan Thinh – Director of Cleaner Production Center in Vietnam; Mr. Do Van Sang - Hanoi Industrial Development Consulting and Promotion Center; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quick - Representative of C.P Livestock JSC. Vietnam. On the side of Vietnam Institute of Economics, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Quang Tuan - Director and staff of the Institute. In addition, the workshop also had the participation of delegates from research institutions, associations and businesses.

(Overview of the Conference)

Presenting the presentation with the topic "Energy consumption in industrial production enterprises", Dr. Nguyen Dinh Hoa, Vietnam Institute of Economics has provided a picture of energy consumption in Vietnam in general and in industrial production enterprises in particular. From there, offer solutions at the macro level, such as: restructuring the industry, promoting more strongly the operation according to the market mechanism for all kinds of energy; and solutions at the micro-level at the enterprise, including: building a clear and informed energy policy to employees, building internal training courses, promoting and flexing in training. energy manager…

(Dr. Nguyen Dinh Hoa presented at the Workshop)

In the presentation "Applying solutions of Resource Efficiency - Cleaner production to improve efficiency to promote sustainable development of Vietnam's textile and garment industry", MSc. Le Xuan Thinh presented the current state of energy production and use in the textile and garment industry in Vietnam; Strategies to prevent pollution; Preliminary information on the new approach in Vietnam's circular economy; Use energy efficiently; Industrial symbiosis. Accordingly, the speaker concluded that the circular economy is an inevitable trend of the developed world to help prevent pollution and develop sustainably; Eco-industrial park development currently has advantages: State policies, people's awareness, ... but besides that there are also difficulties: legal barriers, investment capital, demonstration models. …

(MSc. Le Xuan Thinh presented at the Workshop)

Mr. Do Van Sang presented a presentation with the topic "Developing a model of green energy use in Hanoi". According to the speaker, the barriers when implementing energy saving at enterprises are the lack of qualified consultants to advise and implement energy saving solutions in a practical and effective manner; lack of capital to implement energy-saving projects and solutions. Since then, the solutions to promote energy saving at enterprises are given, including improving the capacity of energy saving consultants for localities to advise and deploy energy saving for enterprises effectively; strengthen technical support and financial solutions for enterprises implementing energy saving solutions (VSUEE project, ...).

(Mr. Do Van Sang presented at the Workshop)

The results of implementing energy saving solutions at the branch of C.P. Vietnam was detailed by Mr. Nguyen Xuan Nhanh in the presentation "Report on the results of implementing energy-saving solutions at the branch of C.P Livestock Joint Stock Company. Vietnam - Hanoi Meat Products Processing Factory". Initial assessment, C.P. Vietnam has applied new technology (G-Hex, heat recovery from waste water of chicken slaughter line) and the application of G-Hex technology helps C.P save 110,763 MWh of electricity/year; reduce 91 tons of CO2 emitted in the production process as well as help to recover capital faster in the future.

(Mr. Nguyen Xuan Nhanh presented at the Workshop)

In the presentation "Some solutions on technology, innovation and human resources to save energy for businesses", Mr. Tran Xuan Phuong has the view that solutions to support businesses in saving energy can be divided into: group: group of technologically energy-saving solutions; group of solutions belongs to institutions and policies. In the groups of solutions mentioned above, it is necessary to consider technology as the key, innovation as the driving force, management and human resources as decisive factors for energy saving solutions in enterprises.

(Mr. Tran Xuan Phuong presented at the Workshop)

The workshop turned to the exchange and discussion part.

Dr. Ha Huy Ngoc said that the story of energy saving, energy transformation through digital transformation and innovation is still a big challenge for businesses because their production lines are still backward. Therefore, it is necessary to implement specific policies to save energy in industrial production enterprises.

To answer the question of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Quang Tuan: "Currently, what is the biggest challenge for businesses to save energy in industrial production?". The speakers all agreed that the biggest challenge in energy saving in enterprises is: (i) Lack of awareness education programs on energy saving; (ii) Commitment of the head of the enterprise; (iii) Human resources, technology, capital.

Speaking at the closing of the seminar, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Quang Tuan sincerely thanked the delegates for taking the time to attend and give their contributions, orientations for energy saving implementation in enterprises and solutions in terms of technology, management, people, etc. to promote as well as support enterprises to save energy in industrial production.

The conference was a great success.