9/7/2022 5:01:09 PM

On the morning of June 27, 2022, the Vietnam Institute of Economics and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Institute (FNF) in Vietnam coordinated to organize a workshop with the theme "Eco-industrial park model and applicability in Vietnam". Co-chairing the conference was Dr. Pham Hung Tien – Deputy Director of the Vietnam FNF Institute and Dr. Le Xuan Sang - Deputy Director of the Vietnam Institute of Economics.

Attending the Conference, on the guest side, there were Dr. Tran Thi Mai Thanh – University of Economics, Vietnam National University, Hanoi; Ms. Vuong Thi Minh Hieu - Deputy Director of Economic Zones Management Department - Ministry of Planning and Investment; MSc. Tran Thanh Phuong – SD Link Co., Ltd. On the side of Vietnam Institute of Economics, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Quang Tuan – Director; Dr. Pham Anh Tuan - Deputy Director, and all staff of the Institute. In addition, the conference also had the participation of scientists from a number of research institutions and other organizations.

(Overview of the Conference)

After the statement of reasons and introduction of delegates by Dr. Pham Anh Tuan, Assoc.Prof.Dr. In his opening speech, Bui Quang Tuan mentioned the workshop in order to provide multi-dimensional assessments of the applicability of the Eco-Industrial Park (IZ) model in Vietnam.

Presenting the presentation with the topic "International experience and ecological indicators of the Eco-Industrial Park Model", Dr. Tran Thi Mai Thanh presented the concept and classification of ecological industrial zones; international experience in the case of Ulsan Industrial Park - Korea. Since then, Dr. Mai Thanh analyzes the benefits, limitations and conditions for successful application of the eco-industrial park model and ecological indicators of the eco-industrial park model.

(Dr. Tran Thi Mai Thanh presented at the Workshop)

Following the program, MSc. Nguyen Duc Long presented the presentation "Possibility of applying the ecological industrial zone model in Thang Long Industrial Park II". The main content of the paper evaluates the possibility of converting Thang Long II Industrial Park into an ecological industrial park model on the criteria based on the synthesis of international experience and Decree 35/2022/ND-CP. Accordingly, the speaker commented that the transformation ability of Thang Long II Industrial Park is not feasible and Thang Long II Industrial Park is not capable of industrial symbiosis.

(Mr. Nguyen Duc Long presented at the Workshop)

The situation of industrial park development in Vietnam; Developing eco-industrial parks in Vietnam; The policy and development orientation of the eco-industrial park was detailed by Ms. Vuong Thi Minh Hieu in the presentation "Application of the eco-industrial park model in Vietnam: Current status and prospects".

(Mrs. Vuong Thi Minh Hieu presented at the Workshop)

Finally, the presentation on "Solutions to apply the ecological industrial zone model in Vietnam" by Mrs. Tran Thanh Phuong. Solutions to promote the application of the eco-industrial park model proposed by the speakers include (i) Improving institutions and policies; (ii) Strengthening supporting tools (financial, technical, linkage, human resource development); (iii) Enhance pilot implementation; (iv) Model replication.

(Mrs. Tran Thanh Phuong presented at the Workshop)

In the discussion, Dr. Nguyen Binh Giang believes that in order to promote enterprises to participate in industrial symbiosis, it is necessary to have solutions to remove obstacles (i) enterprises lack information about partners; (ii) enterprises feel a lack of trust and hesitate to share their information (emission indicators); (iii) input waste treatment costs; (iv) location of functional zones of active industrial zones;…

(Dr. Nguyen Binh Giang commented at the Workshop)

Dr. Pham Hung Tien believes that the research team should go deeper and integrate legal documents related to the topic in accordance with Decree 13, Green growth strategy, a tool to transform the economic growth model in general. and green economic growth in particular. In particular, it is necessary to pay more attention to the perspective of the business itself, not only from the perspective of the management agency.

(Dr. Pham Hung Tien commented at the Workshop)

Mrs Tran Thanh Phuong provided information for the workshop on the criteria for determining eco-industrial parks according to Decree 35/2022/ND-CP and the United Nations Eco-Industrial Park Toolkit to develop industrial symbiosis.

According to Dr. Pham Anh Tuan, large enterprises have good energy-saving and waste-reduction systems because they have advantages in technology and capital. On the contrary, if enterprises in the industrial park do not understand the modern production process, the problem of developing ecological industrial zones is very difficult.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Le Xuan Sang gave the closing speech and thanked the participants for their comments for the research team to have a basis to edit and complete the reports of the topic.

The conference was a great success.